Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Powdered Quaker?

As requested Andy here is the pic of what we think is Powdered Quaker, can you confirm please?

Weekly round up

Above a Powdered quaker recorded last night,I usually get my first one around the 10th April so nice and early.Masses of orthosia sp over the weekend and my best year for twin Spotted Quakers so far .This Brindled Pug was on the fence this morning.(its best to record pugs this way if poss showing size and allways record date)


Going to try and trap and Gibson Mill from 8 o'clock if the weather  holds.Please do not drive down to gibson mill.We will meet in the top car park at 7 and give any one a lift who wants..After this walk down and get a lift back.Thanks Andy..

Saturday, 26 March 2011

New Blogg

Hi all an excellent new blogg on calderdale wildlife has been set up about calderdales varied wildlife and  can be viewed at the link below.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Wine Mop

Hi all, for those who wern't there last night there was an exciting innovation to the moth trapping experience at Hardcastle crags. Introducing - The "Wine Mop". This is a mop head soaked in an enticing recipe of Red wine, Black treacle, Dark Brown Sugar and Vanilla Essense. It was hoisted up into the trees on a long string to aid dispersal of the sugary scent. What moth could resist? Results - Two Skinner type light traps. approx 140 moths, The Wine Mop. Nil. I will keep trying. Winston

Back in Business in Hebden Bridge

Hi All, back in business here on the Rochdale Canal after a burnt out control box! 28 Orthosias last night and a very nicely marked pug. Winston

Hardcastle craggs

The temp was only 6 degrees and we only staye a couple of hours but a great catch...... ....
Common Quaker   45
Small Quaker    15
Twin spotted Quaker  12
Chestnut 7
Hebrew Character   10
Mottled Grey 12
March Moth 3
Yellow Horned   4
Red sword grass 1
Satellite       1
Brindled Pug    2
Agonoptrix her    4
Dieurnes fagella   1
Engrailed     6
Clouded Drab 20

Hardcastle Craggs

Red sword Grass

Yellow Horned

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Big night in Midgley

A very good night for us last night with the following caught
Mottled Grey 1
Engrailed 2
Small Quaker 4
Early Grey 1
Hebrew Character 3
Twin spot Quaker 2
Common Quaker 41
Clouded Drab 9

Last night in Luddenden

great night in Luddenden, my best ever in March, included these three micro's, any ideas?


Chestnut 5
Hebrew Character
Small Quaker 5
Twin-spotted Quaker 4
Clouded Drab 4
March Moth 2
Common Quaker 38

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hardcastle Craggs

Another Engrailed from the Craggs on Sunday night.Loads of moths about tonight at 13 degrees.Gonna meet at 6.30 in top car park on Thursday night...all welcome...I carnt give anyone a lift there but can give anyone a lift back.......

Orange Underwing

On what must have been the warmest and sunniest day of 2011 so far I spent an enjoyable afternoon in the steeply sloped Knott Wood. Target species, 1661 Orange Underwing Archiearis parthenias. I have spent three years now trying to get a photograph of this species in their brief window of flight during March and April to no avail. Last Saturday I saw about 5 on the wing. Always hard to decide how many individuals are in the area. Today I never saw more that 6 in flight at once but there were possibly 15 in the area. Every now and again one would come close and I had a sweep at it with a large keep net on a 10ft pole. Many attempts were made! After 15 mins I managed to get one. 90 mins later another and then as I was about to leave at 3:30 things livened up and I got 2 more in quick succession. The second one caught had lost almost all its scales but the others were in good condition. I released them onto their favourite birch trees to take the photographs shown here. These medium sized moths are impressive flyers and are great to watch as they perform spiralling courtship displays not unlike the speckled wood butterfly. They have a distinctly orange appearance on the wing but seldom reveal the orange hind wings when settled. The underside of the hind wings are especially vivid.

A plea for Toads!

Hi all,

Apologies for the off-topic post, I promise my next one will be about moths! I did see my first butterfly today, however it was from quite a distance so I couldn't identify it...

The first Toads have been on the move in the area and I wondered if any of you night-time 'Moffers' would be interested in helping out with some night-time amphibians. We're extending a plea for volunteer Toad patrollers at some of Calderdale's Toad Crossing sites. We need some extra hands (and buckets!) to help the Toads cross the roads.

Five sites around Calderdale have been identified where Toads are at a high risk from traffic:
- Hebble End in Hebden Bridge
- Lumbutts/Mankinholes
- Hebden Hey in Hebden Wood
- Woodhouse Road in Todmorden
- Washer Lane in Sowerby Bridge

New 'Toad Crossing' road signs will be going up at Lumbutts and Hebble End as soon as possible, encouraging road users to drive carefully, but we still need volunteers! Particularly at the Woodhouse Road and Hebble End sites.

If you're interested and could spare the odd evening to help with some Toad transportation please get in touch with Hugh Firman at the Countryside Services. By email; Hugh.Firman@calderdale.gov.uk, or phone; 01422 393214.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hardcastle craggs .Turns up trumps

A steady 9 degrees at hardcastle craggs last night ,we ran two traps and recorded the following..
Common Quaker      70
Twin -spotted Quaker  47
Small Quaker               13
March Moth                  9
Hebrew Character       9
Couded drab              9
Mottled Grey            5
Dotted Border          6
Satellite                     6
Chestnut                17
Red Sword Grass      2
Pine Beauty               1
Red Green Carpet    4
 Engrailed                 4
Pale brindled Beauty   1
Brindled Pug             1
Ypsolopha   ustella         1
Agonoptrix her           1
Emelina Monodactyla    1

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Actinic Moth Trap for sale

As new actinic moth trap with new bulb and rain guard..rarely used £50.00 ono.......Leave message or e-mail me at andrewcockorft@talktalk.net........................      Also today the first  3 Orange Underwings flying in the bright sunshine at EGP this afternoon my earliest record of this species ...

Friday, 18 March 2011

Ruby Cat

Thought this was a gonna last week and nearly discarded it as a lost cause ,but thankfully today it was on the move....

Moths of the Season

A good article from Steve whitehouse at Birdguides..

Thursday, 17 March 2011

one to look out for... 666....Semioscopis avellanella

Not recorded locally to my knowledge ,,but must be here http://ukmoths.org.uk/show.php?id=5714 found in the same habitat as yellow Horned..

Sunday night

Meeting at hardcastle craggs sunday about 6.30 all welcome...Went to bare head tunnel today and found only 10 heralds..1 small quaker and 5 Common Q's tonight so far......

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Saturday night in Luddenden

at last some Moths in the warmer weather included one of my faves,
this Red Sword Grass


Common Quaker 4
Clouded Drab
Hebrew Character
Chestnut 2
March Moth 3

also this cat for i.d,

I found this crawling up my trap last week any ideas?

GMS and a 1497 Amblyptilia acanthadactyla

688 Agonopterix heracliana
1497 Amblyptilia acanthadactyla

Did my GMS last night as I had a few electrical problems on Friday.
12 common Quaker
2 Clouded drab
2  Hebrew Character
3 March Moth
1 Satellite
1 Chestnut
1 Dotted Border
4 Agonoptix heracliana

Yellow horned

As Winston pointed out, more orange horned than yellow?

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Midgley GMS

1 Yellow horned
2 Clouded Drab
1 Hebrew Character

Hardcastle craggs last night and Mad March Moffers

A good turn out of moths and Moffers despite the cold , wet and windy weather.
Satellite  4
Common Quaker  12
Twin Spotted quaker   5
March moth    5
Small quaker   1
Engrailed        1
Dotted Border   2 (tree searching)
Diernea Fagella  1
Agonoptrix Arnella  1
Totricodes alternella  3
Ypsolopha ustella      1,
Winston, Nick,Nick,Bri ,Sandra,Christine and Andy..Cheers all

Friday, 11 March 2011

Migrating moths and songbirds travel at similar rates

An interesting study was published on speeds of migrating moths yesterday

showing that Silver Ys migrate at the same speed as Willow Warblers if they have

a favourable wind:(thanks Charlie fletcher and yorkshire Moths )


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Friday evening

This fine Dotted Border landed on the house window last night a real suprise with  temps at - 2 .Meeting in Hardcastle Craggs car park on friday evening about 6.30 weather permitting...all welcome

Monday, 7 March 2011

Bare Head Tunnel ...2

Went back to Bare Head tunnel today with camera and torch and found 12 Heralds in the tunnel.there were a four a three and 5 singles.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Bare Head Tunnel..Shibden

(Pic by Darrel ...nicked from The With Blogg)
Had a walk down Bare head Tunnel today at the top of Shibden and found 2 Heralds inside..Fantastic to see them in natural hibernation. Also lots of sallow/catkins just starting to show....Also 2 ....688 Agonopterix heracliana...to the housse window last night.


Poor start up here in Midgley, no moths at all. Anybody else get anything?

Friday, 4 March 2011

Clouded Drab

Hi All, Parking the car in Hebden last night this Clouded Drab fluttered down in front of the car. After rescuing it before parking on top of it It proved to be not so drab after all.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tiny Yellow Underwing

Can anyone i.d. this micro, I've named it a Tiny Y.U. because of the yellow underwings, I caught two on Monday night, the only Moths I've had this week