Monday, 23 June 2014

Wood Tiger.

Found this wood tiger at the back of Widdop res today,loads of Small heath , Green Veined White and my first Red Admiral of the year. Thanks to Charlie for posting the picture.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Any ideas?

I had this emerge this morning - forewing 9mm. I think it was feeding on oak but had a bit of an accident with the pupae and they got mixed up. I'm leaning towards Gelechidae but that's just a hunch. Those four pairs of scale tufts must narrow it down quite a lot you would think!


At last a Red necked Footman for our area , been looking for the last few years ,so well done to Dave Franz for finding this one at Lower waslhaw..brilliant

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Riddlesden 20th June

Howdo All,
Not done a great deal of trapping so far this year but last night got my first Elephant Hawk-moth.

Also got a few Buff Ermine, Green Arches, Heart & Dart, 
Bright-line Brown-Eye, Sword Grass, Dark Arches, 
Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, Light Emerald, Marbled Minor Agg,
Silver-ground Carpet, Small Fanfoot, and a Spectacle.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Dingy Skipper Update

The Dingy Skipper showed very well today when the sun came out, there may well have be two but never saw them together ,also 6 Ringlets , 20 +Meadow brown ,1 Cinnabar ,1 Yellow Shell , 2 Silver Ground Carpet , 2 Snout and 18 Speckled Woods.....1 Mother Sipton , 17 Small Heath , 15 Speckled Wood , 1 Small Copper and 1 Brown Silver Lines near Stoodley Pike this morning.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

1 seen today very active over nettles at Calderdale Business Park Club lane Ovenden, no picture unfortunately as it was so active couldn't get on it.

Still fantastic to see and be able to point out to my students, only the second I've ever had in Calderdale.

It was around at approx 13:50

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Svennsonns Copper Underwing Larvae..etc

Its a good time of the year to search beech trees for Sv Copper Underwing larvae just after dark , I found 3 last night .
 Beautiful Yellow Underwing have been seen this week at Whiteholme drain favouring thistle heads and the brick red form of Phiaris schulziana is also on the wing along the drain.(masses of Common Heaths with a full array of colour forms)
Northern Eggar larvae are also easy to find as they reach there maximum size.
On my local nettle patch a large swarm (50+) of displaying Nemophora degeerella have been seen during the day and masses of Small Magpies ,  Snout and Silver Ground carpets can be seen in the evening.
Chimney Sweepers , Yellow shell and  Shaded Broad Bar  have been seen in the local meadows in good numbers and its worth keeping an eye out for Mother Shipton as well.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dingy Skipper and Pleurota bicostella , New to Calderdale

Top pictures show the micro moth Pleurota bicostella which looks very similar to common grass moth species(crambus)the labial palps are as long as they get, found yesterday near Withens Clough. These two species have not been recorded locally before .Bottom pic shows the butterfly Dingy Skipper Erynnis tages which can easily be overlooked for one of the day flying moths.I found it while taking photos of local orchids. Many thanks to Charlie for posting picture of Dingy Skipper  and for taking the great photos of Pleurota bicostella .

Friday, 13 June 2014

Long Horn Bagworm conclusion

Following on from the photo of the Bagworm I posted a few days ago I now think it's Adela reaumurella. Looking through MOGBI at the library today, the size, shape and construction of the case looks most likely for this species IMHO.

Also, browsing this excellent German site:

The larva looks spot on. It's not a total surprise as this is a fairly common species in oak woodland.

Still, my larva is still alive and I will try and rear it through.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

1165 Zeiraphera isertana

This emerged this morning reared from a larva on oak at New Lane. It has a nice, subtle greenish hue to some of the scales.

No doubt Paul had them in abundance in his garden ;-)

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Turn that light out!!

Despite having run a trap since August 2013 at my partners house, we have received our first complaint this morning from one of her indirect neighbours. Given the length of time that has passed since the trap was first run, we find it hard to believe there is any substance to the complaint. Just wondered if anyone had any advice to offer?

Trap is being run in Littleborough and this has put a slight downer on what was our best nights mothing so far, we are determined that they won't spoil our enjoyment but want to be fair and responsible neighbours.


Thursday, 5 June 2014

We were up on the moor avbove Ogden today and came across this moth sheltering in the vegetation. I think it is a common heath but would like someone to confirm it fo me if they could. Many thanks, Chris.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Can you guess what it is yet.............

This little beauty is c6mm long and is one of two reared from folded leaves on Field Maple. A new one for me, should be out soon..............

UPDATE: And here it is and some more pupa shots:

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Green Hairstreaks

Thanks again Dave.......A very good year for this species with reports of good numbers from Ogden, Midgley Moor , Walshaw Dean , Cold Edge  and  Fly Flatts  with numbers on the 18th May peaking at over 200.

Monday, 2 June 2014

BAGWORM........sort of

I found this yesterday slowly wandering around the base of an oak in long wood. The case is made up of three apparently circular pieces of leaf and is a dead ringer for the Nemophora degeerella photo in the new micro guide but I'm told the larva doesn't seem right for that species. Anybody any ideas?

Emperor Moth

Photo from Andy who is unable to post on the blog at the moment - nice shot Andy

Thanks Dave...Pete Smith reports 2 Brimstone Butterfly's recently one on Ogden golf course and one in the  Shibden valley.
 Went for a walk across Midgley Moor on Sunday , this Emperor was the highlight.Other moths included 100;s and 100;s of Common Heath , Neofaculta ericetella x 2 , Ancylis Myrtillana , Philedonides lunana ,Green Veined White , Orange Tip  and plenty of very large Northern Eggar caterpillars.

Poplar Hawk at Cromwell Bottom LNR

Whilst around 20 of us were balsam bashing we came across this moth. I personally have never seen one before, but is apparently the commonest Hawk-moth in the UK. We cordoned off the area so it was not disturbed.
Poplar Hawk-moth   Laothoe populi