Friday, 31 August 2018

Stainland, Center Barred Sallow.

Just before 11 pm, Anne spotted a moth outside on the fanlight. It's not the best shot I've taken, but I could hardly get ladders out to reach it at this time of night.

Center-Barred Sallow.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018


First, a new moth for me, a Double Striped Pug. It's always nice to find new ones.

Double Striped Pug.

Yet another Agriphila tristella today as well. It's strange, I've seen a few this year, but never seen them before, to my knowledge.

I still have the Canary-Shouldered Thorn too. It must have been too cold for it  fly last night.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Lee Mount - 27th and 28th august

Cant get any photo's on at the moment but managed a nice looking Yellow Shell on the side door the last 2 days
1 Ypsolopha sequella
1 Flounced Rustic
1 Garden Carpet
Still a few Square-spot Rustic and Copper Underwing agg
4 yellow underwing types last night with 15 Large Yellow Underwing, 1 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 1 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow U/w and a Broad-bordered Yellow U/w

Managed to get the photo's sorted
 Yellow Shell
This Pug appeared tonight and after some deliberation I think it must be a White-spotted Pug. The white spots on the forewing and hindwing seem to be in the right place as do the two white spots on each side of the abdomen, though the suspected spot on the thorax doesn't seem to hardly show.
 White-spotted Pug (TBC)
Willow Beauty


I found a Light Brown Apple moth in the hall not long after posting the Canary-Shouldered Thorn.

Light Brown Apple.

Stainland, Canary-Shouldered Thorn.

A Canary-Shouldered Thorn was waiting for me this morning.  Such a lovely moth.

Canary-Shouldered Thorn.

Canary-Shouldered Thorn.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Stainland, ID Needed.

I think I have another Agriphila tristella, I'm not 100% certain. The last one I showed here was very worn, this is a much fresher moth. If' I'm wrong with my ID, please correct me.

Agriphila tristella. TBC.

Sunday, 26 August 2018


A worn Lesser Yellow Underwing - Noctua comes, was sheltering from the rain today. To misquote a well known saying, "If Summer comes, can Winter be far behind?" It certainly feels that way today.

Lesser Yellow Underwing.


Another Bloodvein in Luddenden foot last week , a very good year for this species..(thanks Martyn)

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Map Mate

Mapmate - The Following link Contains a 2017/ 2018 Patch Fixed edition if any one is installing Map Mate from XP to Window 7 Map Mate

If you are installing from an earlier platform  remember to enable Compatability and tick administrator as indicated in the above link

FEET hold a substantive database which I am in the process of licencing for records held from the North of England . Map Mate allows a range of reporting functions including species specific site maps POST WILL UPDATE

The data we hold on Cromwell Bottom extends over an 19+ year longitudinal study and we will shortly commenting on the plans to "excavate Lagoon 1 "  The comment may be read

HERE  Deep Excavation of Gravel Pit Cromwell Bottom LNR

(link) shortly in due course and has due regard for the invertebrate assemblages including various lepidoptera within the specific   Habitat Mosaics and  linkages as well as other factors . Our data is not a 3 month window on an isolated part of the reserve in an exceptional year and is not restricted to ground sampling alone or limitted vegetative layer (s). Neither has such a view been commissioned with a client brief

We have not yet got round to culminating this data in species atlases maps  but will at some point coordinate this at survey sites of importance  -  Cromwell Bottom LNR being one such Phase 1 recording site , The Invertebrate diversity within CB LNR has provided more than ample taxonomical data in the major groups Syrphiddae, Coleoptera Caddis , Harvestmen , Heteroptera Diptera and Hymenoptera Lepidoptera to provide an informed opinion

Useful Links

GRID to VC Finder  Link



Lee Mount -24th August

A different Flounced Rustic from the recent ones. This time I caught a view of it with the forewings open and showing the clean white underwing-  though as soon as I got near to get a photo it closed it's wings - well just about - so I only got a glimpse of it on this photo.
Flounced Rustic
Also this afternoon (25th) a Comma butterfly in the garden and a single Small White.

Stainland, Large Cabbage White Butterfly Caterpillar.

Back from a busy week performing at Whitby Folk Festival. It gave my legs a severe workout. I ached for the first four days. Good fun however.

Found two Large White Butterfly Caterpillars on our badly eaten Nasturtium. The cats are nicely marked, so I forgave them and left them alone. I like the small brown ringed circles on them, near the bottom of their bodies.

Large White Butterfly Caterpillar.

Head, (obviously!).

Detail of markings.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Lee Mount - 23rd August

A new one for here in the trap this morning which I think must be a Heath Rustic? I have never seen one before and  thought at first I had  a strange looking True Lover's Knot. A really nice looking moth with it's wings slightly folded on the photo's.
 Heath Rustic (TBC)

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Lee Mount

One for checking please…
I'm pretty sure this is another Flounced Rustic though a much darker individual than the one on 9th and 10th August. This one appeared on 20th and again briefly on 21st Aug. Thought at first it might be a Common Rustic but I'm not convinced. Forewing c16mm.
UPDATE - I managed after all to get the hind underwing of this individual so I'm satisfied now with Flounced Rustic.
 Flounced Rustic

Also had a Rosy Rustic on 17th but I messed up and deleted the photo's by mistake..grrrr

80 Large Yellow Underwings on 21st was a record count for here - all in the trap along with 9 Copper Underwing agg and a Centre-barred Sallow.

Fly Flatts

Photo from JM after we checked the ragwort flowerheads at the north end of the reservoir yesterday. Thanks John.
Haworth's Minor

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Last 2 days out and about

20th Aug - Mixenden plantation - Speckled Wood x 7, Small White x 2.

20th Aug - Hunter Hill - Small Heath x 5, Speckled Wood x 1, Large White x 1, Small Copper x 3, Peacock x 1, Small White x 4.

20th Aug - Cars Beck (lower end of Ogden golf course) - Fox Moth caterpillar x 1, Small Heath x 1, Small White x 2, Speckled Wood x 2.

20th Aug - Lee Mount - Speckled Wood x 1, Red Admiral x 1, Large White x 1, Small White x 2.

21st Aug - Lee Mount - Speckled Wood x 1, Comma x 1, Red Admiral x 1, Large White x 2, Small White x 2, Green-veined White x 1, Purple Hairstreak x 2 over oak tree in back garden late afternoon

21st Aug - Fly Flatts north end - Fox Moth caterpillar x 1 on track down to reservoir.
Also Haworth's Minor x 2 on ragwort

All recent records also went on the Big Butterfly Count website but I have all the records if you need them Andy.
Strangely, I've not had many G-v Whites this time as I usually seem to get more of them than Small Whites !

Monday, 20 August 2018

Fly Flatts ragwort patch

                                                               Ear Moth sp
                                                          Haworth's Minor
                                                       Square spot Rustic

The patch of Ragwort at the northern end of Fly flatts was busy with moths this afternoon. 25 + Haworths Minor , 5 Antler , 4 Square Spot Rustic and 3 Ear moth sp.....lots of other moths flying over the moor but ran out of time....


Some photos:

Also some more Blackthorn pupa from the spring are now starting to emerge AT LAST!!!!!!!!. One of three Rhomboid Tortrixs.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Cromwell Bottom

Another great night , Pale Prominent ,Bulrush Wainscot , Angle striped Sallow , Centre Barred Sallow , Sallow , Dusky Thorn , Carary shouldered Thorn , Old Lady , Triangle Plume , Dark barred twin spot Carpet , Setaceous  Hebrew  Character , Orange Swift ,many different forms of Shuttle Shaped Dart and  lots of Least Yellow Underwing to name a few.......|Many thanks to Barry and Charlie (pic )

Friday, 17 August 2018


Hard going this week 1 Small Copper and 1 Holly Blue on the 13th  , 6 Green -veined Whites at Ogden Today and a few Large Whites at home.
Pete Smith saw 9 Speckled  Woods and 1 Holly Blue in Ripponden on the 15th and a Red Admiral at Ringstone on the 14th ,,,,,thanks Pete

Common Blue 1st August Todmorden
Holly Blue at Northowram 18th
Purple Hairstreak feeding on brambles 17th

Stainland. ID request.

This moth is confusing me. I thought it may be an Agriphila tristella, but I'm really not sure. Could someone ID it please? Thank you.

Agriphila tristella TBC.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Cromwell Pyralid

The ephestia species from August 3rd has been confirmed by Harry as a male False Cacao Moth (E. unicolorella).

A second for the county and VC63 first.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Old Lady found dead on the towpath at Elland

God I'm so funny :-)

Common Thorn Pigmy (Stigmella crataegella) mine at Cromwell along with a few others bits of interest. Found a nice phyllo mine on Crack Willow with a pupa inside - should be out soonish...........

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Lee Mount - micro

Any help with this nice looking micro appreciated. Taken on 4th August, I have kept looking at the possibilities thinking " I should be able to i d this one" but still not sure. Nearest I can get is Cochylis sp maybe.
Plenty Large Yellow Underwings in the last week or so with a maximum one night of 44 on 7th August.
Probably the best moth in the last few days has been this one in the trap on 12th


A nice range of moths this morning. I'll put the one I'm not sure about first. I think it's a Grey Chi. It does have what I'd call, an elongated X, on its wings. I did think it was an grey shoulder knot. Then realised that it does not have furry legs, among other things. If it is a Chi, it's my first one.

Grey Chi

Grey Chi showing X mark.

This morning, I was thinking that I've not seen any of the what I think of as, Marbled Beauty - Orange-brown form, this year. They come out later than the grey-black and the grey-brown forms. (My terminology, I don't know the correct description). When I looked up, there was one on the door fanlight. It's a nice looking moth.

Marbled Beauty - 
Orange-brown form.

The Small Phoenix below, has been in the wars. It's the first of these I've seen that was black, rather than brown, which fooled me for a while. Unless it's just very worn.

Small Phoenix.

A Garden Carpet now.

Garden Carpet.

The ubiquitous Blastobasis lacticolella:-

Blastobasis lacticolella.

There were two Willow Beauties, a dark and a pale form. The dark one was camera shy and flew off when it saw the lens approaching. This one has had four narrow escapes. They look like bird beak nips. I've seen these on several moths but most were night flying, which seems to rule birds out.  I'm assuming a bat would get a lot more of the wing. How do they get these nips? (Silly question time).

Willow Beauty.

The final moth is puzzling me. I thought it was another Blastobasis lacticolella. On closer examination, it is a lot smaller, shorter and fatter that A Blastobasis l. Any ideas please?

ID needed.

So, seven moths today. Eight counting the one which got away. not a bad total.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Fox Moth

Many thanks to Nigel Kerwin and Bradshaw John for reports of Fox Moth Cats last week. Still never seen one in Calderdale................

Saturday, 11 August 2018

In come the Painted Lady's

Mytholm waste ground Hebden Bridge was busy with butterfly's today in the hot sun. 3 Painted Lady , 1 Red Admiral , 2 Peacock , 1 Comma , 3 Small Copper and Small and Large Whites,,,2 Holly Blue and a Small Copper in thge garden at home.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Lee Mount - 9th and 10th August

This moth ahs been here a couple of days now and it's still on the fence this evening. I'm wondering Flounced Rustic - never had one before so not 100% ?

Stainland, Square Spot Rustic.

Only one moth at 3:30 am, it was gone this morning. Moral, always have a camera ready. It was a Square Spot Rustic - Xestia xanthographa. Looking back at my files, I've seen just one of these moths each year, since 2015 and all in August. The first was in Whitby. Considering they are listed as common, widespread and fly to light, I would have expected to see more of them.

Square Spot Rustic.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Northowram today

Lots of Speckled Woods about today but very little else no Browns or Hairstreaks or any large butterfly's at all. Still seems to be plenty whites large and small and still one Holly Blue and Small Coper in the garden .Saw another Holly Blue in Brighouse.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Its hot out there..................

                                                                 Barred Hook- tip

Another fantastic day in the warm sun today , started with this Barred Hook-tip and Small Wainscot in the trap along with Yellow barred brindle , Pine Carpet and Lempke's Gold Spot  , then Holly Blue and  Small Copper in the garden and to top it off 2 Wall Brown near Cold Edge quarry.....(thats 22 species for me so far this year with no Painted lady as yet )