Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Sloth Moth

Feeling Lethargic after Xmas ?

Consider the Coprophagus Sloth Moth Cryptoses choloepi,

Not Strictly in Calderdale but I thought this rather obvious example of adaption might reflect a wider lesson of  some of the more subtle adaptions of moths that go unsung throughout the UK and adds to philosophy that it is what we dont know thats counts. So think twice before we Chop it , Cut It , Kill it , Alter it or Remove it !!!!

Its wing markings admirably marked for living amongst the fur of Sloths were  subsequently Larvae feed on dung.The larvae of the sloth moth, Cryptoses choloepi, live in the dung of the three-toed sloth, Bradypus infuscatus. Adult female moths apparently leave the fur of the sloth to oviposit when the sloth descends, once a week, to the forest floor to defecate.

Monday, 25 December 2017

25th Dec 2017

Just finished a Royal Christmas Dinner.  Not being far from my mind most of the time, I thought I should send seasons greetings to those moth people I've had the pleasure to have met and to those I have not met. Merry Christmas to all.

Here is one of my Christmas deigns for this year.

Ho Ho Ho!

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas To All on the Blog and I suppose as close as you can get to a Santa Moth

LikelyTrosia nigropunctigera 

Maybe  a moth is not what you would "expects from an empty Santa Sack :-) But if you are a Calderdale Moffer its truly a Gift

Best wishes & Seasons Greetings to All those Creatures of the Night known Collectively as "The Calderdale Moffers "

UK Butterflies.........

merry X -mas

How to Moth an Egg
2 Northern Eggars
Burnished Brass with a lid
Clouded Silver Saucepan
Ruby Tiger Tablespoon
Langmaid’s Yellow Underwing
True Lover’s Knot timer
  1. cover the eggs with Chevron by about ½-inch
  2. Then quickly but gently Swallow Prominent one at a time using a Feathered Ranunculus
  3. Now switch a on Conformist, and give the Drinker exactly 1 min
  4. remove the Great Brocade from the heat using the Dark Dagger
6 mins will produce a soft White Plume
7 mins will produce a firmer, more creamy Frosted Orange
by Winston Powes...........

Friday, 22 December 2017

Lee Mount - 21st December

Still up to 3 Winter Moths about in the last few days and yesterday a nice Mottle Umber also turned up - and still there on the pebble-dashing all day today.
Mottled Umber

Monday, 18 December 2017

Lee Mount - 18th December

2 Winter Moths tonight near the light in the porch. The first moths here  since 2 in the same place on 3rd December.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

10th December


As it's still quiet on the moth front, I thought I'd post an image I created two hours ago. It's supposed to represent a moth in flight and the air turbulence around it's wings. I hope you don't mind.

 Moth in Flight.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Bare Head Tunnel

Just 7 Heralds today in Bare head Tunnel............................