Friday, 20 November 2009

Leaf Mines on Willow

Hi all, a very wet trudge from Hebden to Sowerby Bridge on Wednesday revealed two diffenent signs of activity on willow near Ludenden foot. In the first the usual 'stigmella style' mining in the second the edge of the leaf has been rolled over. Any ideas?


charlie streets said...

I'm not sure if you'll get any takers on these two so I can only offer my own thoughts.I'm assuming the tree is Crack Willow(?) and it's not one I've found mines on before so I have no experience with these.

Obviously rearing through is the best bet but it looks too late for your nep mines,the phyllo might have something inside though - maybe have a look?

Go to UK leafmines and then "mine keys" and then "willows" you'll see they can be a tricky group.

Ask santa for a microscope (or decent hand lens) as important features such as egg position,cocoons,pupae and larvae descriptions can often be useful.HTH.

Winston said...

Hi Charlie

Thanks for the advice (again)