Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Many Thanks and merry X-mas

Many thanks to everyone who has conributed to this site over the last year,some excellent records have been gathered and a steady picture is arising of the wealth of calderdales moths and butterfly species.White Letter hairstreaks ,Leopard moths,Broad Barred White, Blacknecks,Double Dart,Puss Moths,Scarce silver Y's,Muslin footman200 Psychoides filicivora(a first for Yorkshire well done CS)Eriocrai sangii and many many more.Look forward to meeting up with you all next year on a field trip near you,all the best for X-mas and the new year.I hope this blogg has help you enjoy this fasinating subject. Andy


charlie streets said...

Yep, it's been a great year for me too.I reckon I must have seen around 60 new species in one form or another,some of which I'm sure I wouldn't have seen without your blog Andy - Paul's tip on Psychoides filicivora for one, so well done and long may it continue.

Hope you all have a great christmas and are raring to go in the new year just a couple of weeks away.

And just as I'm typing this the first snow of the winter is beginning to fall - lovely :-)

Winston said...

Hi Andy /charlie / All

This blog has been fantastic focus and source of information. Many thanks for all the behind the scenes work for running it Andy and to all the contributors.

merry xmas