Friday, 19 November 2010

Knottwood18 11 10

Got about 3/4 of an hour in then heavens opened ! did find 5 Winter Moths and possibly 2 Northern Winter Moths which were larger with whitish hindwings pic included,as well as this either worn Scarce Umber or unseasonal Dotted Border ?although very worn the dots on fore and hindwing are prominent ! regards no females found but definately going to keep trying,tried from dusk,all were on birch trunks on the 1st couple of feet.


AndyC said...

Dotted border looks good but its very unseasonal.....stick it york moth and let CF have a look at it..

martynbirder said...

Mottled Umber?

Winter Moths (probably) were flying around here last night, didn't catch any allthough I saw about 8 while driving down the road at about 8.45

charlie streets said...

Taken from an Amirican web site on "winter moths":

"Males and female moths of both species emerge around Thanksgiving time and may continue to emerge well through December whenever milder temperatures prevail during that time period. The moths of both species are attracted to lights. Females of both species will orient on a vertical silhouette, such as a tree trunk, and race up it while emitting a sex pheromone to attract males of her species. Clouds of male winter moths can be seen flying around tree trunks, resting on the bark and mating with females at this time.

Once mated, the female may continue scurrying up the tree and begins to lay eggs. Both males and females die soon after mating and egg deposition. Each female winter moth will lay up to 150 eggs."

I wish!

brian leecy said...

Charlie Fletcher,thinks Dotted Border also,he is passing it around to see what others think,watch this space.earliest he as seen is 5 jan.there are some very old R I S records for dotted border on 11th and 14th nov,which they always thought were a bit dodgy,now they may have a rethink ! some field guides state they can turn up in december some times ! Still not any luck with the CLOUDS of winter moths here either Charlie !! regards Bri.