Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hummingbird Hawkmoth update.

An adult laying eggs in the garden 47 days ago.
A freshly laid egg on Common Cleavers.
A newly hatched larva at 2mm (bottom left)
A 12mm larva (bottom right).

Detail of the horn on the mature larva.
The pre-pupal larva turning dull brown and pink.
The pupa.
And finally the adult which emerged this morning.

And the second one emerged this afternoon.Much more cooperative this one - I don't think her wings were ready for flight just yet.


AndyC said...

Well documented charlie,the Horn has fantastic detail, and all in your back garden....

brian leecy said...

great stuff Charlie,a rapid life-cycle.

charlie streets said...

You're right Brian,the whole life-cylce is rapid,from the eggs hatching after 4 days to around 19 days for the larval stage.To think the only encounter I've had in the past with this species is a nano second or two as it whizzed through my garden.

martynbirder said...


Steve Blacksmith said...

I agree, brilliant!

charlie streets said...

Thanks guys,a fascinating little project indeed.It was quite a challenge moving (and sometimes finding!)such small larvae to their fresh food every day.

I've decided to give mothing a rest for now, possibly for good.I've decided to dust off my old bins and scope and get back in to the birding scene.Much less time consuming and no more latin names to deal with :-)