Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bracket Fungi.

I was making the most of the warm weather this morning in North Dean when I came across a group of Birch Polypore fungi. No, I haven’t posted on the wrong blog for on the underside, where the pores are, were three frass filled holes which may or may not be lepidopterous, hopefully time will tell. If they are I’m assuming it will be one of the Tineids, possibly Cork Moth but maybe something a little less commonly recorded such as Nemapogon clematella. I think it will be worthwhile looking out for more in the next few weeks as I suspect they may be quite common – I only found four brackets today (on Silver Birch) two of which contained holes. It may be worth checking other bracket species as well. Happy hunting!

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charlie streets said...

Just to update things; there were no larvae present so probably last year's workings.