Thursday, 15 August 2013

Moth Night @ Riddlesden, near Keighley

Here is the list from Moth night last week in our garden adjacent to East Riddlesden Hall.
I'm a beginner at Moffin so please forgive any mistaken ID. My method is to take a photograph of every moth captured and then ID it via the Waring guides and confirm any I'm struggling with UK moths website. Last week I took 160 images some with multiple moths caught in or around my new Skinner MV trap.

Here is the list as I have identified them, if there is owt that raises the eye-brows please let me know and I can send you or post an image;

Large Yellow Underwing 75
Willow Beauty 6
Brimstone Moth 5
Common Rustic Ag. 16
Bird Cherry Ermine 28
Willow Ermine 1
Common Carpet 2
Early Thorn 1
Clouded Border 1
Lesser B-bordered Yellow Underwing 15
Lesser Yellow Underwing 1
Dark Arches 3
White-shouldered House-moth 1
July Highflyer 2
Acleris forsskaleana 4
Argyresthia semitestacella 1
Burnished Brass 1
Dun-bar 21
Eudonia lacustrata 1
Eudonia Truncicolella 1
Flame Carpet 1
Mother of Pearl 6
Phoenix 4
Scalloped Oak 3
Small Fan-footed Wave 1
Small Phoenix 1
Spindle Ermine 1


AndyC said...

Eudonia lacustrata ,Eudonia Truncicolella ,and
Spindle Ermine all require great care and should only be put as definates if they have been examined under the microscope,Great list,,,Micros are a tricky bunch,,have a looks at Charlies Blogg for some great tips on micros.

martynbirder said...

hiya Stranger

don't be put off by unusual Moths in the garden. In the first year I started I was getting Garden Dart and it turned out my front garden was the only site in Yorkshire where they were regular!

good luck