Sunday, 15 June 2014

Svennsonns Copper Underwing Larvae..etc

Its a good time of the year to search beech trees for Sv Copper Underwing larvae just after dark , I found 3 last night .
 Beautiful Yellow Underwing have been seen this week at Whiteholme drain favouring thistle heads and the brick red form of Phiaris schulziana is also on the wing along the drain.(masses of Common Heaths with a full array of colour forms)
Northern Eggar larvae are also easy to find as they reach there maximum size.
On my local nettle patch a large swarm (50+) of displaying Nemophora degeerella have been seen during the day and masses of Small Magpies ,  Snout and Silver Ground carpets can be seen in the evening.
Chimney Sweepers , Yellow shell and  Shaded Broad Bar  have been seen in the local meadows in good numbers and its worth keeping an eye out for Mother Shipton as well.

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