Thursday, 16 July 2015


A good time of year for a critical look at these small day fliers given the abundance of tall grasses , unfortunately there is never eniough hours in the day to devote to these moths which look substantially bigger in flight than when resting on blades of grass their principle habitat and food plant. I'll add Records to this thread as found and are open to correction . All VC 63 records except where indicated .


63.080 BF1293 Chrysoteuchia culmella Common throughout calderdale

1293 Chrysoteuchia culmella Moth 38794
Distinctive features:
Longitudinal streak 1, notchedhalfway along 
2, costal edge fairly  straight 
3. Strong, sharply bent subterminal line with dark inner edge
4. Triangularly shaped and markedapex 
5. Hind wing dark.Male: Streaks between veins greyish
6. Wing speckled with blackish scales.Female: Streaks between veins white
7, fewer dark scales on wings,hence much paler overall appearancethan male.

63.093 BF1304 Agriphila straminella

Agriphila straminella 0168

Distinctive features:
1.Small size. Lack of cross lines Fringe metallic, outer half lighter
Faint longitudinal streak
2.Often speckled with brown 
3.Strongly tapered overall shape
4.Male:Two-tone appearance – dorsal half of wing light, costal half dark
5.Female:More uniform in tone.Streak splitting into faint fngers

63.081 BF1294 Crambus pascuella  VC65 For comparison

Crambus 0095

Also amongst the Straw slighly bigger than the Veneers

 2474 Straw Dot Rivula sericealis 72.002 

Straw Dot 0211


Dave Sutcliffe said...

This is really interesting. Thanks Colin.
I have only just recently started mothing but with the help of Andy I am very slowly getting there with 'macro's.
It's very enjoyable and time consuming !!!

AndyC said...

Your doing fine Dave...great fun.Nice post Colin tricky little group of moth ,but rewarding if you have the time...I am Sure there are plenty to find locally that have not been recorded before.

Colin D said...

Enjoy the challenges David and have fun the rewards and satisfaction in knowing your onions (or moths) well worth perservering :-)Happy snapping