Friday, 11 March 2016

Lee Mount

Sorry I didn't make it to the crags this evening but I did get the light on in the conservatory and managed 4 moths of 3 species - need help with two species please !!

First two photo's are of the same moth forewing c20 mm (there were 2 of these but this was the better marked one)  - struggle to i d but maybe a ?? Small or Pale Brindled Beauty...? but I might be way off the mark!!!

Maybe a Brindled Pug ?? - length of forewing 10 - 12 mm


AndyC said...

March Moth and Brindled Pug

David Sutcliffe said...

March Moth - and we looked at that in 'Lewington' and for some reason went off in another direction... !!!! thanks - and it's another new one for us.