Sunday, 24 January 2010

Search those tunnels near You,!!!!!

This eaxtract is taken off the Yorkshire Moth yahoo group and should be interesting to all who read this Blogg...many thanks to Yorkshire Yahoo and C.Fletcher for this post......

I've never thought of looking in the Serpentine Tunnel
before but now you mention it, it's an obvious site for Heralds.
It's a great time of year for looking
in caves, tunnels etc with a good torch to see what is about. One particular
cave in the Dales has over 200 Tissues hibernating at the moment, and this
species may well occur in other parts of the county - don't think it just occurs
near buckthorn. The books are likely to be wrong and it uses other foodplants.
Heralds turn up in all sorts of places such as garden sheds and outhouses so you
might find them at home.

Red-green Carpet is interesting. Out of 1500+ records on the database the only
one I can find of hibernation is one inside a bird hide in February a few years
ago, so we know very little about where most of them hibernate. The only other
hibernating species on the database is Tawny Pinion (two records) so where do
all these over-wintering moths shelter from the frosty weather?
So if anyone is at a loose end, do take a torch and explore some local nooks and


Nick Carter said...

The guy that has been carrying out the work on Tissue and Herald moths in a cave in the Dales is the father of a friend of mine, he has recently sent me the article he wrote for a respected caving magazine on his work, if anyone wants to see it I can forward an electronic copy.

AndyC said...

Yep I would be very interested.Thanks

Nick Carter said...

On its way

Derek Parkinson said...

Hi Nick

Please could I also have a copy?

Nick Carter said...

Can you send me your e mail address to please Derek and I'll forward it on.