Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Late September

Barred sallow with small micro underneath.??

Orange sallow 2 reorded this september
                                     Ghost Moth larvae doing well and ready for there first winter
A very late Bee Moth reorded on the 29th september


martynbirder said...

no Orange or Barred Sallow here Andy but plenty of other Sallows

Sallow 33
Centre Barred Sallow 34
Pink Barred Sallow 6

lots of November Moth spp so far with 47 to date

charlie streets said...

Interesting that Martyn,I came across only my second ever sallow this morning - a Barred Sallow looking very much like the one in Andy's pic.It was a fresh looking one resting openly on a wall at Salterhebble.

AndyC said...

Sallow 3
Pink barred 1
barred 6
Orange 2
Centre barred 2
Lunar Underwing 6
Black Rustic 54
Blairs sh Knot 46
In september