Friday, 28 October 2011

A couple of flightless winter moths - sort of....

At last a female Northern Winter Moth has emerged today,albeit looking a bit bedraggled after emergence.No worries about her flying off during the photography session.

Also this other, quite different moth emerged today - any ideas anyone? Should have labelled the pots :-)

Just waiting for the Mottled Umbers now.

All the larvae were collected from Silver Birch in N.Dean wood in late Apr./early May. Northern Winter Moth was one of the most common surprisingly.


AndyC said...

What about Dotted Border.???Brian recorded a male in Nov last year.???+

charlie streets said...

Hi Andy, it sure had me fooled for a while until I realised it was a freshly emerged Northern Winter Moth male expanding its wings - quite a coincident it looking just like one of the females.