Sunday, 20 November 2011

Female Winter Moth steals the show at Hardcastle Craggs Sat 19 11 11

Interesting nights mothing,  Winter Moths most of the 27 males and 1 female found by trunk searching with a few males coming to car headlights ,2 species came to actinic ie red green carpet and a small autumnal moth id on size all the others to mv light,about 3ft from base of ash tree we found these winter moths in cop the pair slowly made their way up the tree female 1st with male in-tow stopping and seperating when reaching about 5ft up the trunk,whereby the female slowly crawled upto nearly 7ft higher up and stopped on a knot on the trunk presumably laying her eggs,frustratingly out of our view.we also found a few males expanding their wings.also a few of this form of mottled umber,Bri/Andy

Acleris sparansa  x 1
Exapate congeltella  x1
Winter Moth  x  27
Mottled umber  x 6
Chestnut x1
Dark Chestnut x 1
Spruce Carpet x 1
Red Green Carpet  x 1
Autumnal Moth    x 1
Small Autumnal Moth   x 1


AndyC said...

It was amazing to see the winter Moths,They seemed to be on most trees Oak,Birch,Ash and Pine .after the first 3 hours every thing dried up...No target species but theres allways next time..All the best

charlie streets said...

Nice post Andy. You would have thought there would have been more pairs in cop - just shows how hard they are to find.
I reckon Spring Usher females would be a good target species in the new year.

martynbirder said...


AndyC said...

Spring Usher would be good to find,a good torch and a lot of searching,,i reckon,,,The first few hours after dusk are realy active at this time of year in woodland

Winston said...

great post gentlemen. keep me posted of your next outing. Win

brian leecy said...

Been trying to find Spring Usher Females for about 5 seasons without success so far both after dark and before/after dawn found quite a few Males from base to aprox 6ft up on Oak trunks.maybe we could have a few trips locally early next year,Females smaller than Winter Moth Females !! should be fun !!