Friday, 24 August 2012

Any Cinnabars being seen ?

Anyone finding any Cinnabar Moths/Caterpillars ? Locally in Calderdale,done a lot of searching and only saw 1 Moth and Caterpillars in 2 places in the Todmorden area,think Andy saw a Moth ? Regards Brian 


Chris said...

Saw some a couple of weeks ago in the old quarry at the top of Howes Lane in Northowram. Just afer a rain shower and the adults were flying and caterpillars munching through the ragwort.

martynbirder said...

nor seen a single one all year Brian

brian leecy said...

Good you have seen some up Northowram way Chris.seems like numbers are steadily building up in some places.

AndyC said...

I've been out for a wander this afternoon with my son & came across two ragwort plants with caterpillars on them at Barsey Lane, Barkisland. First I've seen this summer although I haven't gone looking for them. About 6 on one plant and a dozen on the other.
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