Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ghost moth update

It looks like 40mm+ to me,?? most books and  web sites quote 'when fully grown 28 - 32mm.I wonder if this is a female .?
1.Eggs collected from pair in cop 7th june 2011
2.When laid the eggs were white and turned black within 24 hours
3.4th- 21st  Julyeggs hatched
4.larvae start off clear with pale heads soon turning to white with orange heads after 10 days.
5 After 10- 12 days larvae are about 8/10mm
6.larve feed on the roots of young dandilion
7.By late September only 4 larvae left at 20mm
8.The four soon became 2 as we approached late September
9.the 2 stayed deep in the soil until April 2012( still 20mm) when they were observed feeding in new growth dandilion roots
10.21st august 2012 one larvae left at 40mm and feeding well...

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brian leecy said...

Must be all the Good Food Andy ! think the Authorities will have to have a rethink on Larvae sizes !