Tuesday, 15 January 2013

227 Monopis laevigella,Skin Moth 12 01 13

I collected about 8 Owl Pellets last October which were kept in cold cellar,and on 12 01 13 at least 25 of these Skin Moths emerged,which usually emerge from March,maybe the mild temperatures have brought them on a bit ! Bri. Heres a pic of Pupal Case after Moths emergance.regards Bri.
Another Skin Moth emerged 22 01 13,thats 26 from 8 Owl Pellets,il keep the Pellets see if anything else emerges later on .Bri


AndyC said...

great photos Bri,

brian leecy said...

Ive collected some Kestrel Pellets from Langfield Edge see if any moths emerge from them,might be some interesting moths from up there !