Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pepper Hill / Claremount

 Wall Brown
 Small Copper
Small Copper and Small Skipper
What a week or two for butterflies, its been amazing - rounded off today with a walk along Hag Lane at the back of the Ploughcroft  ski-slope and along the track to Claremount and the hillside above Horley Green.
We thought we were doing well near Black Boy Farm on a small patch of weeds with Peacocks, Small Skippers and Gatekeepers as well as Small Tortoiseshells when we came across this Small Copper. we watched it with real pleasure.
Then as we walked further around the hillside facing over Halifax we had a possible Wall Brown but couldn't confirm it, then we found another two and managed a poor photo but it was enough to confirm identification. We came home well satisfied - as good as birding ! (well nearly)

Also a good number of Speckled Woods in that area too.


AndyC said...

Good to know there still around,,thanks for posting Dave...have you put it on the big butterfly count.??

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Not yet but I will do.