Friday, 5 June 2015

Lee Mount

We planted these pots up earlier this week, nothing out of the ordinary but they turned up a gem this afternoon with a Humming-bird Hawk-moth for around a minute.
I dashed inside for the camera but I couldn't get a shot of it - it was just flying around too quickly from one flower to the other then off it went, I couldn't follow it. It's not turned up since but will be checking regularly in the next few days.
This follows on from one we had in the garden last year on 16th September 2014 feeding on Erysimum flowers. The previous one to that in the garden was in autumn 1974 on an Aster 'Michaelmas Daisy'


AndyC said...

Always nice to see a migrant moth in Calderdale , never common in these parts. Charlie had one lay eggs in his garden a few years back, from laying the eggs to adult emerging was a very short period , I think it was 42 days will have to look it up....

Jeff said...

I've just seen one this afternoon on my hanging basket in Todmorden, wasn't quick enough getting my camera though. I've seen lots of them in the Alps, seeing one outside my house took me by surprise.