Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hardcastle Craggs 5,June

Again the skies were clear and the wind got up making it feel  cold for the time of year.
Highlight again was an Ochreous Pug and our first Small Elephant Hawkmoth at this site.
Map winged Swift    x 2
Common Swift        x 1
Flame Shoulder       x 3
Common Pug          x 5
Ochreous Pug         x  1
Pale Tussock          x   3
Silver Ground Carpet  x 6
Brown Silver Lines      x 8
Spectacle                      x 2
Small Elephant hawkmoth  x 1
Buff Ermine                    x 1
White Ermine                  x 1
Spruce Carpet                 x 1
Engrailed                        x 2
Flame Carpet                  x 1
Scalloped Hazel             x  3

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