Monday, 17 November 2008

News from todmorden over the weekend

1 Feathered Thorn
9 Red Green carpet
1 Juniper Carpet
10 Chestnut
14 Satellites
3 Brick
1 angle Shades
2 Yellow Lined Quaker
6 Light Brown apple Moth
Again Brian proves there still out there in good numbers.!
I had 1 Chestnut and 2 Light Brown apple moth up here but I think Wenesday looks ok this week.


Nick Carter said...

Been trying with the sugar but no joy as yet, will have another go on Wednesday.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Nick/all
I dont want to be trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs here, but :-))

The key to sugaring is doing it every night. Sure it does work if you only do it occasionally on promising nights but belive me the key is sugaring in the same place night after night to build up the aroma. Most people I know who have the best success with sugar use it night after night in the same place and build up a scent trail in the area. Most people who fail whith sugar either pick the wrong place, the wrong night or simply give it a go a couple of times, get bugger all and write it off as a method. It works very well at times at other times its crap, but persevere and it will work IF its done in the correct place. I always used to sugar in my garden at Park Rd and never got huge numbers but I used to record more Herald, Old Lady and Red Underwings at sugar than at light. I suggest you think of sugaring as as extra to add to your garden MV light not a replacement for it.

AndyC said...

I agree with paul,choose a wood (Luddenden dean or one you can easily get to).Sugar as often as possible even if you carnt make it that night.Just to let them know there is a food source avaiable and then go whenever its possible.At this time of year it can be good as has been proven allready this year.

Nick Carter said...

Your not teaching me to suck eggs Paul, I need all the help I can get!