Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sugaring Caution

Hi all
Not meant to be scaremongering but please be very, very careful should you decide to boil up your own sugaring mix. As you have to dissolve sugar and the mix turns into the equivalent of runny jam its very very hot when boiling (like jam it boils at a higher temp than water)and it tends to boil over if not watched and it tends to spit and splash out of the pan. If it lands on bare skin in the hot state it sticks like napalm and burns just as badly. Its got a wonderful appetising scent like sweet toffee and is irresistible to kids and pets so must never be left unattended until its cool for obvious reasons.

Second point and this request has been made many times in other forums. Please do not spread the mixture on trees with mosses and lichens on the bark as it kills the moss and lichen and thus spoils the biodiversity of the tree and spoils it for other people who prefer mosses and lichens to moths as a hobby.

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AndyC said...

Good points well made.I tend to put my sugar on the bare/dead parts of the trees.and I also like the rope and branch methord this sounds very good indeed.