Thursday, 6 November 2008

Red Sword Grass?

Apologies for the poor photo but is this a Red Sword Grass? found in Midgley tonight


oldsoulrebel said...

sure is Nick, nice one


Nick Carter said...


Can you let me have a recipe for something sugary to put out on a log or two at home, not having much success with the lamp just now.



Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Just buy some squirtable runny honey from Lidl/Aldi at £1.69 a bottle. Simply squirt a a strip on fence poles or plants. I have tried loads of differant "secret" mixes but nothing has ever worked better than good old Lidl runny honey.

AndyC said...

Hi Nick good looking moth red Sword grass.
In the MV last night i had,1 Autumn Green carpet,2 Angle Shades,1 blairs Shoulder knot,2 red Green carpet,16 Light brown apple Moth,1 Exapate congelatella and only 1 Chestnut on Sugar you just car'nt tell.I use 1 pint of beer(guiness) Black treacle,dark Brown sugar and a drop of vanilla essense (but I get it all from work... shhhhh)

charlie streets said...

I sugared in my garden the night before last (5th) with the same mix as Andy's except I use rum instead of vanilla. The totals as follows:

Slug sp. 1
Fly sp. 1
Woodlouse c50

Nuff said!