Monday, 22 December 2008

Winter Moths

Had a Winter Moth by the outside light last night and also 1 Chestnut &1 Satellite at sugar and 1 Light Brown apple moth this evening.Just like to say thanks to everyone who has posted on this site over the year and I hope you all have a good holiday and a great new year(lets hope its a warm spring and hot summer):)
Brian leesey recorded,2 Satellites,1 Red Green Carpet and 1 Ypsolopha ustella,


charlie streets said...

Yes, it's certainly been a good year from my point of view, seeing old and new faces alike and all the varied field trips we embarked on from photographing Green Hairstreaks on a gorgeous spring day on the moors at Pecket Well to sugaring successfully on a cold,dark,rainswept woodland in autumn at Gorpley Clough. Really the only downside was Paul jumping ship to the tropical lands of N. Wales - Calderdale's loss!

Really looking forward to next year which is upon us next week - where does the time go?? Already started rearing larva again with one found this afternoon on the allotment whilst digging over.

Merry crisp mouse to everyone and hope to see you all again next year.

AndyC said...

Well said Charlie ,Cromwell bottom with Winston and a small V-Pug started it off but it will long be remembered for National MIDGE Night at Balke dean.Scalloped Hook Tip,Red Sword Grass and Evergestis pallidata made for some great field trips

Nick Carter said...

My first ever moth night with the MV and Actinic traps up here with Brian and Martyn sticks in my mind, I think the neighbours wondered what the hell we were up to!

Thanks to all for making a complete beginner so welcome, still got lots to learn but hope to start catching up with you guys next summer.

Best wishes to all for Xmas and New Year

oldsoulrebel said...

Have a great Xmas and New Year chaps and lets keep those fingers crossed for better weather next year

I had a Winter Moth here on 26th November but nothing since

Andy I'll get those records sorted over Xmas

all the best


drepana said...

Hi guys,

Have a great festive season and looking forward to some meeting up in early 2009. Keep me posted.