Sunday, 21 February 2010

Jailhole,Langfield Edge,20 02 10

Andy and me checked for Anomalous larva after dark,quite deep snow on hillside and rockfaces,and even though there were snow free patches of the foodplant Wavy Hairgrass, and it felt quite mild under the rockfaces,it was still below freezing and we never found any.i have found them in the past when icy, feeding,maybe it needs to be just above freezing before they start to feed,and who could blame em ! Found 2 green form on 14 12 09 when it was quite mild at aprox 12mm in size,incidently a green form larva that was kept a couple of seasons ago a male emerged ! do you sometimes wonder what you have got into !!

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AndyC said...

Will try again soon when we finally get a THAW.....................we only got 2 flies how they survive up there is beyond me