Sunday, 24 June 2012

Calderdale Wildlife Blog--PROBLEMS?

I have just tried to open the Calderdale Wildlife Blog and I have been warned by my computer security not to open the page as it is a well known fraudulent website! Has anyone else received this message and is there a problem?

Thanks, Philip


charlie streets said...

I can view the blog OK Philip.


Philip said...

I think it is only Norton security that is blocking. I have just read that Norton is being a bit overzealous with many Google blogs and recently even tried to block EBAY as a risk!
Sorry if I have caused unnecessary worry.

Stokelymort said...

Sound as a pound Philip

Stokelymort said...

I posted a response approx an half an hour ago. i.e. 11:00am, however, your clock appears to suggest 03:56am!!
Great Blog

AndyC said...

OK I will try and sort the clock out..??I can view the Wildlife blogg but have had a few problems recently with posyings.Every now again this problem crops up,I think you just have to try again and allow the pop ups to be viewed...

Philip said...

The site opens without difficulty now. It must have been just a false security warning. Thanks everyone for checking.