Saturday, 23 June 2012

I know it's rained a lot but a shark in the garden!

I found this resting on my outside thermometer on the 19th June and passed it off as a Pale Pinion. I took a couple of photos though and have just gotten around to looking at them. Although the moth is very worn it seems to me to be a late Chamomile Shark (a first for me) - anybody have any thoughts?
 There is a patch of Chamomile just a few yards from where the moth was found – I’ll have to have a good search for larvae if it ever stops raining.


AndyC said...

Only one old record from July 1966,at Akroydon a pair found on pailings.? Great record and the flight time suggests Shark but looks like C.Shark to me.?

charlie streets said...

Looking at the phenograms on Yorkshire Moths there is a clear overlap between both shark species in June.This one looks quite worn suggesting a late Camomile Shark rather than an early Shark - although that's pure speculation on my part.

I've posted a close up of the (worn) fringe on another photo taken from a more dorsal view which seems to show the black veins extending in to the fringe.Looks good to me for Camomile Shark.

I'll hang on to the original pic and not delete it from the memory card.

charlie streets said...

On second thoughts the black lines could be where there are parts of the fringe missing. Unless I can refind it or some larvae it looks like it will have to go down as a shark sp.

charlie streets said...

Just had a great idea (well I was due).I just realised that using the thermometer's gauge I could work out the forewing length pretty accurately. It is more or less 21mm which is just outside The Shark's range and about average for Chamomile Shark.