Monday, 17 June 2013

CockHill Moor Field Observations

Took an interesting trip onto the moors today and found the following
1) This 2064 Ruby Tiger Phragmatobia fuliginosa with a damaged forewing just sitting on a rock by the path,
2) There were 100's of these 1162 Rhopobota myrtillana (can anyone confirm this id, seems to be under recorded on UK moths?) all on bilberry.
3) Here is a mystery relatively plain tortrix looking specimen again on bilberry but amongst heather and grasses. Again id sought.
An interesting hour under the whalesong of curlews and lapwings.



AndyC said...

1162 Rhopobota myrtillana is very interesting,as you say very few records,Send the pic to Charlie Fletcher he will be able to tell you either way..

AndyC said...

1142 E.tedella

Winston said...

Hi Andy. It's not 1142 Epinotia tedella no woodland esp spruce in sight and markings wrong. :-)

Dave Hunton said...

Looks spot on for 1162 R.myrtillana to me. Have a look at these -

Winston said...

Hi Dave, thx for the link. looking good :-)