Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Thinking of getting a trap

Hi guys,

Thinking of getting a trap, just wondered if you guys could offer some advice and also by chance is anyone looking to sell one?

Questions I have are along the lines of, how often do the bulbs need replacing? Do the neighbours complain about bright lights being on during the early hours?

Any advice/opinions very much appreciated.


AndyC said...

Bulbs can last upto 2 years ,,,mine last about 6 months,cos I either break up or blow um up,,,actinic if you have neibours who complain...MVs attract the most moths....

martynbirder said...

try this site, these are the cheapest


I have two Mercury Vapour & Actinic

I find people don't like the actinic's much but I've had some great results with mine - also they don't upset the neighbours

Andrew Huyton said...

Cheers guys, I'll let you know what we decide on and i'll be sure to post the results though technically they won't be from Calderdale.