Saturday, 28 September 2013

Did anyone else run a trap last night?

Just wondering as had a really poor night with only 2 Large yellow underwings caught. Not sure if we are doing something wrong or if its the time of year/conditions.

Ran the trap from 8pm till 3am when I got up to cover it up with black cloth cover, trap was fairly tightly packed with egg boxes.

All advice/comments welcome

Thanks guys

frustrated novice


AndyC said...

I ran trap last night and got 20 moths of 10 species including another Mereville du juor,Yellow line quaker and 4 black rustic so don't despair,,you may have a bumper tonight...; ))

Bennyboymothman said...

Didn't run it last night but managed only 60 moths of 23 species with most of it being late summer species and very uninteresting. I wonder what Sunday night will hold.
Yep don't get too annoyed by it. My garden does relatively poor this time of year no matter if I run 125w MV or 80w Actinic. So many street lights to compete with!

AndyC said...

I set mine about 15 mins before dark, and leave it on all night,the first two hours are the peak time...I also only have 3 large egg trays attacked on top of each other,so they can get in between easily..

Andrew Huyton said...

Interesting how there are different approaches to the laying of egg boxes, I guess there are no hard and fast rules, just try and see what works best. Didn't run it Saturday as it was very windy with a clear sky will try again this weekend and maybe one night put less boxes in. I'll keep you posted how I get on.

Nick Carter said...

We used to pack our trap fairly loosely but then noticed another moth-er we know packed theirs very tightly. They always appeared to catch more than us but then did say later that most of their "catch" was actually found in the vegetation surrounding the trap rather than in it. We will watch this thread with interest.

AndyC said...

I agree with the vegetation surrounding the trap rather than in it thing. I always have a look round the trap first, then slowly empty the trap, I find if you have too many egg boxes they fly out as you move um.? I then have a look around the fences and bushes around the trap ,and then into the green house to see whats in there,if time allows I do this twice and always fine moths I have missed on the second visit.