Monday, 16 September 2013

Weekends Moths

 Autumn Green Carpet
A good night on Friday with the rest of the weekend being a bit of a wash out.A late flame shoulder , Shuttle shaped dart and snout will be the last of the summer species as Large Yellow Underwing numbers plummet with only one last night . Autumn species over the weekend included Lunar Underwing ,Sallow , Autumn Green / Red green Carpets and a cracking Svennson's copper Underwing.A really good year for Garden Rose Tortrix  with 60 + since the 1st September.


Andrew Huyton said...

Andy is the Svennsons Copper Underwing easy to distinguish from a Copper Underwing. Had a couple of Copper Underwings recently and wasn't entirely sure but assumed the former is more uncommon.

AndyC said...

there is a link on the right hand side of the blog to help id,,,if you are in any way unsure they go down as copper underwing agg..but when they are freshly emerged they are quite easy when you get your eye in...