Friday, 28 February 2014

February round up...

Well with no light trap put on all month, I have headed for the local wood each evening with nowt but a torch and net......with it being a mild February  it has been great so far
Dotted Border   45 (inc 2 females and 5 melanic types)
March Moth        3
Spring Usher       1
Chestnut              2
Pale brindled Beauty  1
Agonoptrix heracliana      5
Satellite                            1
In the local tunnel there have been up to 25 Heralds and 5 Peacock Butterflies hibernating and around the house and garage 3/4 White Shouldered House Moth.


Nick Carter said...

GMS started last night, anybody catch anything?? We got nowt!

AndyC said...

Had 24 Dotted Border ( 2 females),2 Agonoptrix heracliana and 2 pale brindled beauty on 1st March in local wood all found in less than an hour .