Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tiny Micro on Hedge Mustard

This small Micro Moth was found on Garlic Mustard (Hedge Mustard) during the day at CB LNR unfortunately not the best shot but the only one . I would say it would have been about 5 mm or So 
Not at all sure about this one ?

Slightly more recognisable this Orange Tip male was seen with peacock , Tortoise also flying today


charlie streets said...

It's one of the Nepticulidae, typically around 3mm in length and with enlarged bases to the antennae forming a prominent eyecap. None of them are associated with Hedge Mustard and there are too many similar species to ID this one. The bramble feeding Stigmella aurella is a possibility.

Colin D said...

Thanks Charlie . would make sense on low ground layer and as you say it was small Nepticulidae as good as you can get from the image many Thanks C