Saturday, 1 October 2016

Lee Mount - 30th September

Struggled with 3 of the 4 moths found - especially the top two though I think I got there with the Spruce Carpet (?) and November Moth agg but the Brick/Chestnut type  - still can't be sure - it did have a bit of glossy sheen to it !
 Spruce Carpet
 Struggling with this one between Chestnut  and Brick c14mm wing length and initially leaning towards Dark Chestnut after comparison with Chestnut/Brick and the other Chestnuts....then advice from MH and DIC et al suggesting Chestnut is more likely mainly due to the shape of the wing which in Dark Chestnut would normally be much straighter and sharp pointed rather than slightly rounded as in this one. Just shows how tricky some species can be !.
 November Moth agg
Silver Y

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