Thursday, 24 February 2011

1070 Olethreutes mygindiana

Nice to see the first berrys on cowberry today on the local moors and the larvae of 1070 Olethreutes mygindiana in the folded leaves(thanks Wild Yorkshire for the tip off  ).This Red Green Carpet was my first moth last night to the garden trap and my earlieat by 4 weeks!!!!.

Update...field trip to hardcastle craggs on sat Night top car park by 6ish.....


martynbirder said...

I'm doing pretty well here with

Pale Brindled Beauty 2
Dotted Border
Spring Usher
March Moth 3
Chestnut 5
Common Quaker and
Clouded Drab

so far, not bad for February

AndyC said...

The earliest Clouded drab is on the 25th ...? what date was yours

charlie streets said...

Mine emerged on the 11th - doesn't that count :-)

martynbirder said...

Clouded Drab 24th

sorry can't make it on Saturday, visitors are here