Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Last Night in Hebden Bridge

Hi all, I have been looking forward to writing that title all winter now and hope tonight will be the first of many reports of 2011.

Last night trapped from dark till midnight.So far tonight , .Winston

(8:30pm) 4 x March Moth

(10:30pm) 7x March Moth
(11:15pm) 9x March Moth

(all on window and not in trap)

plus 1x Pale Brindled Beauty

2x chestnut


AndyC said...

A nice start,....gonna go up Langfield looking for larvae on sat evening if you fancy.??

martynbirder said...

pretty good here to with

Pale Brindled Beauty

March Moth

and Chestnut X 2

can't make Saturday, got visitors coming