Monday, 11 July 2011

Ringlets....continue to spread there wings

The first records for Calderdale was on the 8th July 2006 at Crow Nest Quarry, Lightcliffe, 4 males and two females seen in flight. (C.P.Duke, C.V.Duke).

Single male photographed at Sunnyvale on 10th July 2006 (C. V. Duke.)

On the 19th July 2007 ,2 were briefly observed at Only House Wood Northowram then on the 24th 1 was caught and positively identified as this species, 3 adults were observed around bramble bushes at this site on the 27th July 2007.(AC).

1 at Tag Meadow,Cromwell Bottom on the 1st July 2008 was photographed and identified as a female.(AC)In 2008 the species was recorded from many sites in the eastern area of Calderdale and at least 60+ individuals  recorded.(CS, AC &CSut)
  In 2011 they have been seen in very good numbers so far at Cromwell Bottom,Northowram and two new sites at Pellon and Queensbury.Keep and eye out for this species locally it must be spreading towards Hebden Bridge .??


Chris said...


Have had Ringlets at Jerusalem Farm and also Ogden Water this year . Will be up and around the Hebden area next week so will keep an eye out and report any sightings.

AndyC said...

Thanks Chris also keep an eye out for Gatekeepers as they are all over the place at Cromwell Bottom...