Monday, 12 March 2012

North Winter Moth

Had a tidy up of the planters on the dam at Ogden yesterday, and found a female northern winter moth. Checked the description and the wings were a longer than the winter moth.

Also if anyone has any records for Cunnery Wood/Beacon Hill or Scarr Wood could I have a copy so I can put them in the management plans.



charlie streets said...

Hi Chris, do you have a photo of it because it's very late for Northern Winter Moths, they're usually out Oct-Dec. Could it have been an Early Moth or Dotted Border perhaps.

charlie streets said...

Oh forgot to say - well done in finding it!

Chris said...

Charlie, Sorry I normally have my camera with me, but broke it the other week and am awaiting a replacement. I have looked at the 2 moths that you suggested and it was probably a dotted border.