Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pine Beauty

I've been having small numbers of the more common Moths this last week the highlights being Powdered Quaker, Red Chestnut and this Pine Beauty that turned up last night.

While driving home over Fly Flatts last night there were swarms of Moths and having caught a few they mostly seemed to be Mottled Grey.


Winston said...

Hi Martin

Remember you having these before. Well done. Never seen one! Win

martynbirder said...

hi Winston

had one on 11th April last year

this is my fifth

AndyC said...

Said to be common around Norland moor fir plantation in 1899 and then never seen again untill 1967 when 1 was taken at a Kebroyd light trap. Recorded more recently in small numbers (20+) at light between 15th March and the 16th May.We recorded them at hardcastle craggs last year so you could get one win.There are one of my favourite spring moths.