Thursday, 29 March 2012

Red Sword Grass

very few Moths on these cold, clear nights but the quality is great with my third Red Sword Grass in Luddenden. Brian was saying last Saturday that these are something of a Calderdale speciality and are not recorded very often elsewhere in Yorkshire.

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AndyC said...

The first record in our area was 1 at Todmorden on 19th October 2005 (BL)
1 at Skircot Green on 7th March 2006 was found during the day(CS)
1 at Wyvern terrace on 5th and 2 on 20th October ,with 1 on the 7th November 2006 were attracted to actinic light.
1 out side Midgley Shop was said to be attracted to the outside shop light (Sandra C) must have been looking for a bargin.
Had my first Double striped Pug last night