Saturday, 26 May 2012

Craggs last Night and id help

Red Twin spot Carpet(thanks CF) A great night at the craggs with 23 species more than the whole of april.Got stuck on the micro .?? 2 Devon,1 water,1 Common,2 Flame Carpets,8 lesser swallow,2 coxcombe prominent,1 yellow Barred brindle , 1 Purple Thorn,1 small Square spot,1 hebrew Character,1 tawny Barred angle,hebrew Character,flame shoulder,Brindled,Common,V , and Oak tree Pugs,Bee Moth,Brown silver lines and 16 Scalloped hazel,1 Yellow Barred brindle ..


Grampy Bustard said...

Evening all. I reckon the micro is 0216 Cork Moth Nemapogon cloacella

AndyC said...

Thanks Grampy,I reckon your right as the new micro book has just arrived and I have just come to the same conclusion...Cheers..