Monday, 28 May 2012

Its Arrived

In the post today the Field Guide to the Micro Moths of Great britain and Ireland .On first glance it looks great especially the a glance guide to micro moths put them into familys.and the plume moth section looks excellent as they all have common english names.Brilliant drawings by Richard lewington and very informative teat bySterling and Parsons.A bit thin on Nepticulidae and Eriocraniidae but these are best reared through .Hours and Hours of fun......essencial reading for all moffers


charlie streets said...

I must be the only moth-er in the country yet to get their hands on a copy. Probably because I ordered it locally rather than online.

Not sure how much use it will be to me on ID-ing moths,probably becuase I don't get that many and the ones I do get are often reared and in good nick.I reckon one of its plus points will be in informing us of species easily overlooked due to a confusion with more common look-a-likes.

All that aside though and I'm sure that one way or another it'll be a reference source for many years to come - can't wait.

Just waiting for a field guide to the 5000+ species of parasitic wasps now!

AndyC said...

yep its very informative,a good piece in a massive jigsaw...