Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Moth ID help please

We caught this moth last night up here in Midgley and are uncertain about its ID. Initial impression was of a very large Rustic type but clearly not one of those, checking books, UK moths etc has led us to think it might be a Dark Brocade but someone else has suggested it might be Glaucous Shears, can anyone help please?


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Nick

You have a Cabbage Moth there.

Not one I see much here living inbetween pesticide ridden fields of corn!

Nick Carter said...

Thanks for this Ben, its reassuring to find that this must be a challenging moth as we now have two "votes" for Dark Brocade and one each for Glaucous Shears and Cabbage Moth.

martynbirder said...

look like a Cabbage Moth to me

charlie streets said...

Agree with Ben and Martyn - it's a Cabbage Moth.

Nick Carter said...

Thanks again chaps