Saturday, 14 July 2012

Grizzly Goings on in the Gorse

Found quite a few Micros Cydia ulicetana around this large Gorse patch,and found a good few of these Pupae inside the seedpods,i opened one up to show.I noticed some small Parasitic Wasps also s earching out the seedpods,whether for ones still with Larvae inside or with Pupae in im not sure,i could clearly see the wasp inserting its Ovipositor into the Pods ! Uhm Nature ! i have retained a few Pupae to see what emerges.Regards Bri.


charlie streets said...

Quality work as usual Brian! Those wasps are persistant if nothing else.They're out in all weathers pretty much throughout the year searching for hosts.Maybe a good way for us to find the early stages is to watch them and see where they go?

brian leecy said...

Cheers Charlie,yes i agree watching where they go would reveal a lot,quite amusing how people seem to give you a wide berth for staring at a Gorse bush for 2 hours !! cant think why !