Wednesday, 4 July 2012


 A couple of days ago now, when it was slightly warmer and dryer. Not much around, but near the golf course there were large numbers of small heaths around.

Headed up towards the ponds to see if there were Dragonflies around, but only really found large red damselflies, though this one appears to have some kind of mite attached to it, though the picture is not great, the orange marking on the side appears to be a cluster of mites. There was one dragonfly, but it saw me as the moment I saw it and it moved away into the trees. It was defiantly a hawker, though it is a bit early!

It started to rain so I left the ponds in the woods, but the rain soon left so I went to have a look at the pond up the back lane. It was still pretty gloomy, but there were around 5 Azure damselflies in the area that I could see. I know the pictures not great...

Also we had this lovely moth in the garden about a week ago now. I think its a Knotgrass moth, though I could well be mistaken.


AndyC said...

Knot grass it is, Small Heath seem to be doing ok this year.?

dishfish said...

There were plenty of them and the weather wasnt too great, so on a good day, there would probably be more