Friday, 6 July 2012

Recent sightings

I've been out and about over the last few days (keeping to the drier days anyway), had a few good sightings that you might like to know about. Beechwood Park LNR, Illingworth/Ovenden The meadow was full of chimney sweeper moths, along with speckled wood. Painted Lady Had my first view of a painted lady this year on 4th July, on the road out of Wainstalls towards Castle Carr top lodge,just as it passes over Caty Well Brook (Grid reference SE045287). It was fliting around feeding on thistles Thursday 5th July Angled Shade and lots of Peacock caterpillars on the footpath linking Bradford Road to Hud Hill/Landmere in Northowram/Stone Chair area (Grid reference SE116275) Chris

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AndyC said...

Great news on the Painted lady only one Ive herd of this year...nice one