Thursday, 25 July 2013

Last Friday night at Bradley Wood

Please correct where I have misnamed

 Agapeta hamana

 Beautiful Golden Y

 Bird - Cherry Ermine

 Common Wainscot

Small Fan Footed Wave


 Green Oak Roller

 Heart & Dart

 Light Emerald

 Red-barred Tortrix?

 Slender Brindle


 Smokey Wainscot?

Eudonia lacustrata

Dark Arches


AndyC said...

common wave looks like Small fan footed wave.....Festoon is Dun bar,Pale sh brocade is dark arches,
Common rustic is Slender Brindle....will have a look at the rest later...nice moths and photos

Ray Walton said...

Your ? is a Red-barred Tortrix (Male) in my opinion

Ray (Stokelymort)

Winston said...

Hi Mick

great variety of species here. No better way to learn id's then having a stab. great. Win

charlie streets said...

Your Scoparia pyralella is Dipleurina (now Eudonia) lacustrata.

Marrop said...

Thanks everyone!

AndyC said...

When you get a Wainscot species the best thing to do is to have a look at the underwing,if its white its common but if its grey/black its smoky (just a general rule not to be used on all wainscots)

AndyC said...

Well done Mike,not bad for your first year..............